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In a new interview with Collider, Warcraft’s Dominic Cooper talks about the responsibility of depicting the world accurately.

Dominic Cooper is quickly becoming our favorite cast member of the Warcraft Movie! The guy was only rumored to be a part of the cast until he confirmed it himself in an interview last January. Then a few days later in a separate interview he gave some snippets about the storyline of the film. Now, he has never given any spoilers, but he seems to be the only cast member that is really on the record so far even speaking about the movie.

That brings us to today. Dominic is being quoted in yet another interview, this one with Collider. Most of the interview revolved around his role in Need For Speed, but they did get a few Warcraft questions in. Most notably of which was asking him to describe the world.

He gave a great answer explaining that everyone understood the massive responsibility they had to accurately depict the world of Azeroth.

The world is very specific. What’s been wonderful is seeing these guys who have this world in their heads for so many years. The creators of that game are suddenly on these sets, where the ideas that they had so many years ago have come to life, and it’s been really exciting just to see that. And they have been so accurate and responsible to the game and to the people, who play the game, love the game and want to see those characters in that world shown on the big screen. There is a huge responsibility for those people. They are the fans, and they are the ones who sit for hours, in that world. It’s scary, but it’s great. It’s a huge lot of fun.

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