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On the Godzilla press tour, Legendary Pictures CEO and Warcraft Producer, Thomas Tull hints to IGN that the first trailer will arrive at San Diego Comic-Con 2014!

We’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming Warcraft Movie this month! Director, Duncan Jones recently stated that production on the film was set to wrap up sometime this week. Not long after that Thomas Tull, CEO of Legendary Pictures, was quoted about the planned postproduction schedule for Warcraft.

Today, in a new video interview released by IGN, Tull had several comments about the upcoming film. On the London leg of the press tour for Legendary’s reboot of Godzilla, he had this to say:

Doing a video game movie has not really been done well, and I think part of the reason for that is it’s been done for the wrong reasons. If you simply say ‘How many people have played the game? How much money can we make?’ You’re doomed. You’re doomed right off the start.

Bringing a filmmaker like Duncan onboard to distill that and bring the incredible cast onboard that he was able to get…we hope that when you see the first trailer for it, you’re going to say ‘OK, this is not what I was expecting.’ He’s an incredibly exciting filmmaker.

When asked specifically about when fans might possibly see the first trailer for the film, he responded with:

We show up every summer at Comic-Con – we really enjoy it, and the fans seem to enjoy taking a look at things, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

That would be epically cool if a trailer for Warcraft was debuted at Comic-Con this year in San Diego! He had a few more things to say about Warcraft too, and you can check out his full comments in the article on IGN, or in the video below. Enjoy!

Are you hoping for a Warcraft Movie Trailer reveal at Comic-Con this year? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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