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IMDB recently updated their page for the upcoming Warcraft Movie and they confirmed two new actors AND their roles in the film!

Thank you IMDB! Today, I was just surfing around the web and decided to check out the Warcraft IMDB page and I’m so glad I did! Two new actors were confirmed by IMDB with roles in the Warcraft Movie and I’ve never heard either name mentioned before in relation to the project! Along with the names, IMDB also confirmed the characters that they will be playing!

First up, is Callum Keith Rennie (Memento, Blade: Trinity). Callum Keith Rennie may sound like a strange name but, he has been acting in a ton of films and TV shows that you most certainly have seen. He’s been in shows such as: 24, Californication, Battlestar Galactica, The Firm, The X-Files, and so many more! Not to mention his movie credits. I think he will be an awesome addition to the cast of Warcraft!

Not only did we find out that Rennie is in the movie – we also found out what character he will be playing too! Callum Keith Rennie will be playing Moroes, or was World of Warcraft fans know him…Moroes, The Last Guardian – the second boss in the Karazhan instance from The Burning Crusade expansion pack! Moroes is a servant of Medivh (who we now know is being played by Ben Foster) who wears horse blinders over his eyes to try and block the visions he sees within Medivh’s tower.

Second, is Ryan Robbins (Apollo 18, Walking Tall). Ryan Robbins may also sound like an “unknown” name, but he has also been around in a ton TV shows you’ve surely seen. He’s been seen shows such as: Falling Skies, Battlestar Galactica, Psych, Dark Angel, and so many others. Another awesome addition to the Warcraft Movie cast!

According to IMDB Ryan Robbins will be playing the role of Karos! Now, we’re assuming this means he’s playing Karos Razok. For you Horde folks out there, you may know him as the bat flight master in The Sepulcher – the main town in the Silverpine Forest zone of World of Warcraft. Again, this is really cool news! I’m very interested to see how they work the Horde flight masters into the story.

What do you think about the latest cast additions and their roles in Warcraft? Let us know in the comments below or talk about it on our forums!

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